At a Glance

SAIZAR Enterprise Pvt. Ltd. is amongst India's major Trailer Fleet Owners and Transportation Service Providers. Over six decades of customer-centric road transportation experience, coupled with the desire to innovate, supports the company's operational proficiency to transport a multitude of products throughout the country. Today, SAIZAR is a recognized player in road transportation and has the expertise to successfully design and implement customized solutions for bulk movement across industries. SAIZAR is approved by the Indian Banks' Assocation (IBA), ISO: 9001-2015 certified and is also FSSAI registered.


SAIZAR Enterprise Pvt. Ltd. inherited its legacy from a partnership business started by Late Jal Indorewalla in the year 1956. It developed significantly under the leadership of our current Chairman and Managing Director, Mr Kersoo Jal Indorewalla. Between 1989-1993, his successful execution of numerous Over-Dimensional Cargo projects (ODCs), and the transportation of Tata Steel's Blast Furnace, LD-II, HSM etc., from the sea ports to its plant in Jamshedpur, are just a few of many feathers in his cap. His hard work and dedication were recognized and he was awarded with the transportation job for distribution of finished/ semi-finished steel products from Jamshedpur to various parts of the country. An enhanced fleet strength comprising of vehicles of various payload capacities and models were brought onto the road in record time to efficiently execute Tata Steel's outbound movement. In 1999, when that business was given a new corporate identity, SAIZAR was born, and a new era dawned in the history of the reputed Jal H. Indorewalla & Sons. Today, as a result of the decades of expertise and goodwill acquired, we have hugely expanded the scope of our operations and our client base, and are proud to be associated with many other industrial titans along with the house of Tata.


Mr Kersoo Jal Indorewalla, Chairman & Managing Director
With over 35 years of experience in road transportation, Mr. Kersoo Jal Indorewalla is the second generation in the business and the driving force behind the organization. Having started his career by managing the import and export of consignments for Tata Steel right from the grass-root levels, he is well aware of the intricacies and challenges faced in road movement. His first major challenge was executing ODC projects for Tata Steel, for which he himself conceptualized and manufactured the mechanical trailers, and also endlessly spent months on the highways to personally ensure that the projects were executed flawlessly. It was his vision, along with sheer dedication and hardwork, that took the business to the next level. A perfectionist by nature, he is very hands-on in his approach and his analytical skills are always channeled into developing effective solutions to address every need of the customer.

Mr Sairus Kersoo Indorewalla, Whole-Time Director
The third generation in the family business, Mr Sairus Kersoo Indorewalla has completed his Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Industrial & Operations Engineering specializing in SCM & Logistics from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He now has over 13 years of practical experience in the operations field and has also conceptualized and executed the IT initiatives of the organization, such as successfully implementing an ERP System. He has also spear headed various other technological and infrastructural advancements such as improved vehicle tracking, driver safety systems and an upcoming mega logistics park in Odisha. His desire to excel and expand combined with his ability to adapt and customize, have led to the scope of business growing manifold, to include a range of new customers across various other industries. Under his leadership, the volume of material transported by the company has touched an all-time high of 1,00,000 MT per month in 2020.


To be the most preferred road transport service partner in the entire country by providing consistent, timely and cost-effective services along with innovation to create sustainable growth for the business & its stakeholders.

Our vision is to emerge as the preferred and most comprehensive service provider for logistics and supply chain management within India by designing and implementing customized solutions in a manner that exceeds the service level expectations of our customers.

The management of SAIZAR firmly believes in a customer-centric focus and strives to build long-term relationships with our clients. It is our firm belief that this long-term sustainability can only exist if there is complete faith and transparency between our customers and us.
Connected:  We invest in infrastructure and insight to get to the heart of our customers
Committed: Deeply involved in building new relationships and nurturing old ones - everything we do is with the long term view
Creative:  Constantly developing better solutions for our valuable clients

Our Awards and Achievements

We have been assessed against recognized standards and strive to provide the highest levels of quality service. The awards and accolades earned by us that are listed below are testimony to that.

  • Tata Steel Award for Best Role Model Vendor complying in Road Transportation Safety Standards in FY 2020-21
  • Tata Steel Award for Best Vendor Overall - Services in FY 2020-21
  • Tata Steel Ltd Jamshedpur Award for Transporter Promoting Digital Intervention in Road Safety in 2019
  • Tata Steel Ltd Jamshedpur Recognition for Deployment of Contractor Safety Management Standard in 2019
  • JCAPCPL Excellence Award for Most Valuable Transportation Partner in Annual Partners Meet 2019
  • Tata Steel Recognition in Supplier Quality Expo in 2017
  • Tata Steel Ltd Kalinganagar Award for best CSM Performing Vendor in 2018
  • Tata Steel Ltd Kalinganagar Award for Best Safety Kaizen in 2018
  • JCAPCPL Award for Best Transportation Partner in 2018
  • Tata Steel Award for best transporter promoting digital intervention in Road Safety in 2018
  • Tata Steel Award for best role model vendor complying Tata Steel Transportation Safety Standard in 2017
  • Tata Steel Recognition in Supplier Quality Expo in 2017
  • Tata Steel Best Outbound Transport Partner in 2014
  • JSW Steel Ltd. Salem recognition for best supplier in 2014
  • Tata Steel Award for transporter best GPS implementation in 2012

SAIZAR has also demonstrated its prowess in delivering time bound consignments and has set records in terms of meeting unprecedented transit time compliance and quality of delivery targets. A few of our achievements are highlighted below

  • In-house transportation service provider to TATA STEEL for over 66 years.
  • Designed and Manufactured Special Mechanical Trailers with 400 Metric Tonnes Train Load to execute Tata Steels ODC Transportation Projects such as Blast-Furnace, LD-II and HSM.
  • Movement of motor parts from Jamshedpur to Pune for Tata Motor’s Indica Project in 2003-04 was done with a transit time commitment of just 4 days. Such a short transit time for covering a distance of 1841 km by trailer was unprecedented at that time given the infrastructural bottlenecks. This dedicated movement from Jamshedpur to Pune was the beginning of employing double-drivers in trailer movements, another first introduced by SAIZAR.
  • Tata Steel awarded another prestigious and time-bound movement job to SAIZAR. Special Containerized Trailers were designed and dedicated to their contract to transport CR Coils in a moisture and dust free air-condi environment from Jamshedpur to the plant of the world-renowned car manufacturer Toyota located in Bidadi near Bangalore, covering a distance of 1877 kilometers. Consistent transit time was crucial to help maintain zero inventory levels and eliminate any operational disruptions. SAIZAR has been meeting this challenge consistently from 2006 till date, by providing 99% consistency in transit time compliance for over 3500 deliveries made and has surpassed the expectations of its principal by establishing a record average transit time of 4.9 days. We are now in the Third Generation of Special Vehicles for this contract.
  • Currently transporting nearly 35000 MT from TATA Steel, Jamshedpur; 30000 MT from TATA Steel, Kalinganagar; 10000 MT from Tata Bhushan Steel LTD, Meramandali; 9500 MT from JSW Steel, Toranagallu and 15000 MT from JSPL, Angul, plus, over 2500 Tractors and 100 Excavators each month to various destinations.
  • Furthermore, we are the only transporter of Tata Steel to have a 5 Star rating in their Contractor Safety Management Program, which has an extremely stringent evaluation, from 2018 till date. We also have a 5 star rating in the JCAPCPL's Contractor Safety Management Program.